Thursday, 13 March 2014

#427 ~ The Absence of Harry

The Absence Of Harry, Sex Without Love, Love Without SexThe Absence Of Harry, Sex Without Love, Love Without Sex by Zander Zink

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was another one of my DSOA picks from around April last year.

If I'm honest, I would say it wasn't awesome. Some humorous moments; some sad.

It didn't set the world on fire, and the best I can say is it was an okay read, and even better I picked it up for free.

Product Details

I picked this us as a DSOA on 17th April 2014, but at the time of writing this post it is available HERE for £1.53 - on okay price for an okay read.

Errors/Bug Bears

Just three, which is quite good going.

Loc 304: as if under dong hypnosis - not sure if this is an error, or I am just a little bit ignorant.  Can someone enlighten me if 'dong' actually a real form of hypnosis?

Loc 1056: Night time at Kevin's flat, where he is on the floor the main room ... - floor of the 

Loc 1090: She was so fine sigh, ... - it should have been expressed as "She was so fine," he sighed.

Happy reading.



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