Tuesday, 11 March 2014

#425 - Cats Have Staff - Ingrid Hooper

Cats Have Staff - The Saffi & Misa DiariesCats Have Staff - The Saffi & Misa Diaries by Ingrid Hooper

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

For me this was just a little too simply written, with poor grammar and punctuation.

Unfortunately, the author did have a very clear 'voice' with her writing, and it left me cold. The shame of it was that it's a nice idea that just needed work.

I can see as charming letters/emails to a friend it worked well, just not well enough for me. Thank goodness I managed to get it as a freebie download.

Advice to the author, go to some Creative Writing classes and re-work it.

Product Details:

A DSOA pick from 23rd April 2013, which meant it was featured on the blog due to being a free Kindle download at Amazon at that time.  If you wish to read this it can be purchased HERE at £3.94 for the Kindle download.

Errors/Bug Bears

Nothing specific, but then I didn't invest too much in analysing it, as it was just not that great a read.

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