Saturday, 29 March 2014

#425 ~ Monsters of Templeton

The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I took advantage of being able to listen to music etc. at work, and so decided to go for another audio book. My thinking behind this was that I might not be able to actually read something whilst garnering some pennies to spend, but I could at least indulge my appetite for literature.

I happened across this one, which was borrowed from the local library, and what serendipity it was.

The world of Willie Upton was perfectly shown to me ... note, the "shown" not told. It's an endlessly perfect piece of literature that weaves a magic around the story of both Willie and her ancestors.

Having listened to it, I now want to get an actual copy of the book, so that I don't loose any of the nuances that Lauren Groff puts into her work.  This is all really impressive, as apparently this is Lauren's debut novel. 

Highly recommended, and 5 stars from me, for this, in places, laugh out loud, piece of finely-meshed writing with such depth of texture and structure.  Truly magical writing.

Product Details:

As mentioned above, I picked this up from the local library as an audio book, which I played on my Kindle Fire HD using OverDrive App (click HERE to go to the post on getting it to work for UK Libraries).  Obviously, as it was borrowed from the Library, it was free.

However, it's available on Amazon HERE as Kindle (£5.99), Hardback (£11.52); Paperback (£4.01) or Audiobook (£19.61).

480 pages
Cornerstone (2012)
Fiction, Family Saga, Hybrid (mix of contemporary and historical content)

Errors/Bug Bears:

Not applicable.

Happy reading.



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