Monday, 14 March 2011

#97 (#33) - The Loveday Secrets ~ Kate Tremayne

The Loveday Secrets (Loveday Series)

ISBN: 978-0-7553-3353-0

The continuing saga of the Loveday Clan, in this one Adam Loveday goes on to improve the shipyard, helped by a mysterious order.

Along with several births and a death, and a carriage accident that leaves only a boy with no memory in its wake.

St John Loveday continues down his destructive route of drinking and gambling, strangely enough whoring doesn't seem to be a vice with him!

We also meet another Cousin, Tristan Loveday, and find out the truth behind the three boys' secret from boyhood.

I have to admit to losing all patience with St John, but even I was surprised by the ending.  The only complaint I have with these books is that the author tends to go over each person's story several times, which detracts from the whole.  A 3 *** Star read.

I think I need a quick change and think that Audrey Howard, a new author for me, might be on the cards.  Although there are several more Loveday books on the shelf to read yet, plus a Julia Quinn, Gaelen Foley and    a couple more new authors there too.

All in all I am well on the way to the #140 goal in a year.

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