Sunday, 13 March 2011

#96 ~ Her Every Pleasure

Her Every Pleasure: A Novel

ISBN: 978-0-7499-3849-9

This is the follow on story from "Her Secret Fantasy" and features Derek's Brother, Gabriel.

Having signed away his inheritance to assist Derek to marry Lily, Gabriel retires from the real world to contemplate his brush with death.  A glimpse of heaven has left him with an overwhelming feeling that he was sent back from the light to fulfil his destiny.

Meanwhile, Princess Sophia of Korkova is ambushed and her enemies attempt to assassinate her.  Her bodyguard ensures that she escapes and she follows the protocol that has been set down for her safe rescue.

The protocol lands her in a barn owned by Gabriel, who assumes that she is a gypsy girl sent by his brother to relieve his state of celibacy.  Although it doesn't take long to work out that she is certainly not a girl of easy virtue, and so he engages her as a maid.

Eventually her royal destiny is revealed, and Gabriel does on to protect her with his life, and fulfil his destiny.

Actually, it was a slightly far fetched story, and the plot was a bit thin in places.  Nonetheless a fairly enjoyable story and worthy of a 3 *** Star rating.

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