Monday, 21 March 2011

#100 (#36) - A Flower In Season

A Flower in Season

ISBN: 0-340-76935-1

What a book to mark my 100th book since September ... this one was just plain lovely (not sometimes the story matter, but just the way the story is woven).

Briony Marden had led a brutal and hard life, forced to work in her Father's mill with manual labour required far greater than her physical body should have to endure and brutal beatings.  Her Brother Danny, and her Mother were forced to endure the same, but it drew them together against the brutal Miller, Jethro Marsden.

He'd been stopped once before probably beating young Danny to death by the local landowner, but that didn't seem to stop him, although he was more careful from them on where he left his bruises.  He also started to develop a disgusting desire for his own Daughter....which lead to Danny having to protect his family and Jethro Marsden dead.

After Danny was convicted of the crime of murdering their father, she was left with only one friend, Lizzie Jenkins, but was determined that she would take over the Mooreend Mill and make it profitable for Danny when he returns from 7 years in New South Wales.

The local landowner that had saved two years before has other ideas, and he offers her marriage.  Reluctant at first to accept this offer she refuses, but is forced to think again when nobody apparently no customers are willing to accept a woman miller.

However, Briony finds out later that she was tricked in to Marriage by the handsome and wealthy Chad Cameron, and she is driven almost to the loss of her own mind ...... will she ever realise that what they have found together is true love?

A 5 ***** Star read, highly enjoyable and certainly recommended.


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