Friday, 11 March 2011

#95 ~ Her Secret Fantasy

Her Secret Fantasy: A Novel

ISBN: 978-0-7499-3829-1

It's really rather lovely to get back to a Gaelen Foley novel ... and this one was no different from all the others ..... full of very lovely romance and a bit of naughtiness thrown in.

Featuring one of the Knight Cousins, Major Derek and the reserved and ladylike Lily Balfour.

Infamous rake and hardened warrior Derek has come to England from his posting in India to chase up the money the government which has been put aside for the war against the Marantha.  Also to allow his elder brother to recovery from a terrible injury when he got in the away of an arrow meant for Derek.

Following the death of her Grandfather Lily's aristocratic coffers are empty and she needs to find an extremely rich, and extremely stupid husband (there is a reason that her future spouse should not be too bright) to ensure that she can literally keep the bats from the belfry of her ancestoral home.

It seems some of the funds are war chest funds are missing, and that is where the paths cross for these two.  What will be the attraction between them?  Will they solve the mystery of the missing money?  Will the highly intelligent Derek care about her secret?  Will a second son have enough money in the bank to repair the ancient pile?

A 3.5 **** star read.

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