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#439 ~ Sour Milk and Stolen Honey

Sour Milk and Stolen HoneySour Milk and Stolen Honey by Marianne Azizi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book is a non-fiction account one woman's life, fighting a shocking abuse of human rights and liberty in the name of love.

It was well written, and incredibly moving. I don't want to offer up any spoilers, as it is important that Marianne gets to use her own voice to tell each reader. I'm amazed that the whole sorry business didn't take much more of a price on her that it did. She is an amazing, inspirational woman, and is the living embodiment of 'that which does not kill you, will make you stronger'.

Her story unfolded at a good clip, and kept me engrossed. With the turn of each page, she managed to convey a decent story, and effect me with many, many different emotions as the twists and turns of her life unfolded.

If any part of your believes in the right of a human being to exercise their rights to liberty, choice and love where it falls and stay free of manipulation, then please, please, please read her story. Then go and encourage as many people as possible to read it too. Only a huge groundswell of public knowledge and opinion will stop this from happening, and return liberty to many.

Upon checking links for the Product Details bit of the post, I was pleased to note that Marianne is working on another book.  Good on her, she has a lovely literary voice, and I can't wait to read it.  Keep up to date with her latest project on her website and Facebook (details below).

Product Details

The author, Marianne Azizi, got in touch with me the other day with a request to do a fast-track review for her, and the above review was by honest opinion. 

You can find a copy of her book HERE.  This listed Kindle price is £4.99.

241 pages
Indie Writer (Self-published)
Non Fiction, Psychology, Self-Help, Human Rights, Romance

Author's Facebook page
Author's Website

Errors/Bug Bears:

STOP PRESS:  22/4/14: Marianne, is one of the most proactive authors around, she has already corrected the errors I pointed out below. Now that is impressive.

There were one or two, but absolutely nothing major.

Page 31:  

At the time I still felt a little awkward with Manny's strong gruff character but we would eventually form a strong friendship to this day.

It would have been better as:

At the time, I still felt a little awkward with Manny's strong gruff character, but we would eventually form a strong friendship that lasts to this day.

Page 53:

The couple in the cafe was so king - were.

Page 66: ...but trying to conve a stranger was proving to be impossibility - an impossibility.

Page 108: 

I held him in my arms as he cried and I made the promise, the promise ...

I'm not sure about the author's intention with this sentence, but it feels a bit untidy.  I would go with something like this:

I held him in my arms as he cried, and I made the promise ... the promise ... and he always knew I kept my word.

Page 123:  .. have ignored Rick's please - pleas.

Page 132: ...but half that I as I learned -  but half that as I learned.

Page 157:  He yet, I knew was literally terrified - Yet, I knew, he was literally terrified.

Page 218:  How can it could be - but I can't seem to find it.  It's probable that I got the page number wrong on my notes ... it was a pdf file so difficult to bookmark ... in which case it was between pages 211 and 256.

Page 256:  It came, very day, the worst dream in the worst situation - not sure what the author's intention was should it every?

Page 277: get to court for on time - court on time?

Page 278:  No one would allow him to be with me.  I

I hope you enjoy Marianne's book.

Happy reading.



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