Tuesday, 15 April 2014

#435 ~ Caroline

Caroline (Beauvisage, #1)Caroline by Cynthia Wright

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Books #1 Beauvisage Series

This was a featured DSOA pick on my blog in April 2013.

Having read a previous Cynthia Wright Novel, Silver Storm, I felt that this book left me wanting.

The characterisation was a little one dimensional, and it went from ponders at some points, and plain boring in others. Not what I would expect from the reputation and calibre of this particular author.

All in all it was disappointing, but I won't let me put it off, as balancing the two novels the author still bears promise.

Product Details

It's currently still available for free HERE.

336 pages
Fiction, Historical, Romance
Boxwood Manor Books (Nov 2013)

Errors/Bug Bears

Loc 1783:  lovely garden in back - I have to admit that I find the phrasing 'in back' to be unattractive in the setting on an historical novel.

Loc 2167: I'll go deliver - uck, go and deliver.

Loc 2250: I'd should like to tell her good-bye - what would be wrong with I would like to say good bye?

Loc 2764 & 2813:  gotten

Happy reading.



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