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#431 ~ Binding Spell

Binding Spell (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms #3)Binding Spell by Christine Pope

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book #3 in the Tales of the Latter Kingdoms Series

This is Book #3 in the Tales of the Latter Kingdoms Series, but the first book that I've read by Christine Pope.

I featured it as a DSOA pick on my Blog in April 2013, which meant that at that time it was available as a free Kindle download.

Although this is Book #3 in the series, it's capable of standing alone.

Actually, it's a fairly decent fantasy/magic/romantic novel that I really quite enjoyed.

I love the cover too, which I think first attracted me to the work.

This was enjoyable enough that I will be going back and putting the first two books of the series on my WTR list.

Product Details

As mentioned above, this was a DSOA pick.  It's available now as a Kindle Download for £1.99 HERE (which is a reasonable enough price) and £9.26 for the paperback (which is a heft price tag).

342 pages
Fiction, Magic & Mystery, Romance
Dark Valentine Press 2013

Error/Bug Bear

Page 41:  gotten - say no more!

Page 46:  would be to write them both and ask - write to them both.

Page 60:  But my father taught me as best he could, showing me the simple spells most all users of magic could use, even as he told me that every mage-born sould had his own particular talent - particularly scrappy sentence that needs to be restructured.

Page 117:  I'm sure if we go meet them - uck!

Page 216:  And while the air was colder than what I would consider comfortable - than I would.

Page 281:  for there are not so many places as what you describe ... - as many places as you describe.

Page 282:  But there are still some houses such as what I've described - such as I've described.

Page 282:  as new people take up residence there at a greater rate than what you might find in the older districts of the city - than you might find in the older.

Page 283:  well, more people than what Maldis would want about - more people than Maldis would want.

Page 299:  gotten - I'm going to start a campaign against this word.

Page 331:  gotten - arghhhh!

Happy reading



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