Tuesday, 1 April 2014

#428 ~ The Mating

The Mating (Law of the Lycans, #1)The Mating by Nicky Charles

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book #1 Law of the Lycans Series

Nicely written follow up book in the Law of the Lycans Series.

Although a couple of phrasing issues this work is definitely of a higher quality than some I read, and anyway I can't complain as it was a free Kindle download. It's not uncommon for an author to issue 1 free book in the series, but more than one is generous - especially as the writing is for a good enough quality to be paid for.

I like the slightly different spin she's put on the usual werewolf story.

Product Details

This was a DSOA pick on my Blog in April 2014 - and yes, it has taken me a year to get around to reading this one.

It's available on Amazon HERE, and still listed free.

266 pages
Indie Writer (Self-published)

Errors/Bug Bears

Loc 2369:  Elise tried to logic the situation - that's an untidy sentence.

Loc 3170:  ...visit with Julia - it's the American way, but I hate it.

Loc 6570:  ...jogging down the lane way - better phrasing would have been nice.

Loc 6614:  Still and all ... - it's the American way, I just don't need to be happy about it.

Happy reading.



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  1. I picked this and the others up, too, but I haven't had a chance to read them yet. One of the reviewers on Amazon (I think it was Amazon) provided a suggested reading order list of them in chronological rather than release order. All of the books were free when I picked them up. Alas, many are and I'm behind on my TBR list because of it.