Tuesday, 15 February 2011

#88 (#24) - Mr Impossible ~ Loretta Chase

Mr. Impossible

ISBN: 0-7499-3711-4

Right, lets just get right to a rating a big fat 5+ *****+ Stars from me - I love, love, love, LOVE Loretta Chase and the story of the Carsington boys.

Who could fail to fall in love with Rupert Carsington .... I couldn't and ultimately neither could Mrs Daphne Pembroke.

It was a set up, of course, but then so were the marriages of Alistair and Darius too.  Only Mr Perfect seemed to find his own lady love.

Lord Hargate is fed up with the amount of money his 5 sons are costing him, so Rupert was dispatched off to Egypt to work for the Consul .... there he is thrown into jail for assisting a beggar.  Simultaneously, Daphne Pembroke's brother is kidnapped and it's suggested that she let Rupert assist her with finding him.

Assist probably seems to strong a word, as she finds him a great lumbering ox with not a brain in his head.  Unlike her .... she has an enormous brain ... .but has had to try and cover it up using her brother as camouflage.

They set out on a journey down the Nile to find her brother .... but they also find each other along the way.

Hop and skip to the book shop to get this one (don't run it will alert others to the fact that they books are really rather, lovely, entertaining, funny and great to read, you don't want anyone getting them before you do!)

By my count I just have one further brother to go, Geoffrey Carsington story but I don't think she has actually written it yet.

There is Last Night's Scandal to read though, which features Olivia Wingate-Carsington the step-daughter of Lord Robert and Peregrine Lisle, his nephew.  I need to score that one soon as reading a Loretta Chase book makes my impossibly happy.

Happy reading.


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