Saturday, 5 February 2011

#82 (#18) - The Hidden Shore ~ Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

The Hidden Shore (Morland Dynasty)

ISBN: 978-0-7515-1934-1

Book 19 in the Morland Dynasty

Continuing the story on from "The Abyss" this time concentrating on Charlotte Meldon, who is relation to Benedict Morland from Book 18.  The story also covers moves the story on for Benedit after he inherits Morland Place from his horrible brother Nicky.

With no family, and kept apart from the world when Charlotte Meldon's father dies, she fears that she will be left destitute and alone.  However, a letter eventually arrives from her father's man of business, where it turns out that this is far from the case....indeed, she inherits a title in her own right and vast wealth.

Eventually she learns to cope with the life-altering facts, of finding out that her mother did not die (as she'd be told since she was a child), and that she has a quite large family.  Being launched on Society she becomes engaged to a Duke's Heir, Oliver Fleetwood, but is shocked to find out at almost the last minute that it is not the love match she thought it.  The only thing she can do is jilt him and get on with her life.

Disillusioned she retreats to her little cottage on the Marsh and gathers her spirits.  Eventually returning to London to work amid the black slums, and will change her life (and those around her) in unexpected ways.

Yet another great book by this author.  They are quite long books, and take a bit of reading .... not in any hard to read way you understand, actually difficult to put down and compelling.  I would highly recommend you give the series a try a 4.5 ***** Star read.

Happy reading.


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