Sunday, 6 February 2011

#83 (#19) - Lord of Ice - Gaelen Foley

Lord of Ice

ISBN: 0-7499-0769-X

Another in the Knight family series, this time the twin brother of Lord Lucien, Damien the Earl of Winterley.

Damien is a a dangerous and damaged war hero, who gains a young ward following the death of his friend Major Jason Sherbrooke.

Although it turns out that Miranda is not actually that young, she's 19 and in a boarding school in near Birmingham.  She is the illegitimate daughter of Major Sherbrooke' elder brother and his famous actress mistress.  They had both died when Miranda was a small girl in a boating accident.

Jason arrives in  Birmingham too late to go to the school so to kill time he visits a theatre and is knocked sideways by a beautiful young actress, that he must have.  He waits for her outside the threatre, but gets rejected by her after a steamy kiss.  She runs away, but he goes after her just in time to save her from a gang of kidnappers, and she goes on her way leaving him with a heap of dead kidnappers.

Imagine his surprise the next morning when he finds out that beautiful actress is in actual fact his young ward.

Hardly able to take care of himself, how do they go on from there?  Well ......... you'll have to read it too........ a 4 **** star read.

Happy reading.


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