Tuesday, 1 February 2011

#80 (#16) - Seducing an Angel ~ Mary Balogh

Seducing an Angel (Huxtable)

ISBN: 978-0-7499-4296-0

I haven't got much time for saying too much about this one .... actually, not too much to say about it really .... not one of her best - it lacked passion and depth and not up to her usual standard.

Another in the Huxtable family series, this time the younger brother  Stephen, Earl of Merton and the axe-murdering widow Lady Cassandra Padget.

After the mysterious death of her husband, she is cast off without the pension and other provisions that she should have been entitled to, and given to believe that she is lucky that she has not met the hangman's noose.  Desperate therefore, and with her old governess and a unmarried mother cook/housekeeper to also care for she sets out to find a Protector, gate crashes a ball and snares Stephen on the first night of trying.

That single night alters her whole view on ever giving her self body and soul to another man in marriage, and also sets her on the path to undoing the evil self-doubt that being in an abusive relationship had built up .... alll in all a 3 *** star read.


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