Monday, 24 January 2011

#76 (#12) - Devil Takes a Bride ~ Gaelen Foley

Devil Takes a Bride

ISBN: 0-7499-0771-1

Another in the Knight Family series, this time about the childhood companion of Jacinda Knight, Lizzie Carlisle.

Lizzie Carlisle escaped to the quiet countryside outside Bath when she finally realised the love of her life, Rakehell Alec Knight, would never marry her.  She became the companion of the Dowager Lady Strathmore.

However, her peaceful existence is again turned upside down when she writes to her Ladyships errant nephew, the "Devil" Strathmore (Devlin Kimball) telling him that she is dangerously ill.  She's appalled that he appears to treat his Aunt to badly, and apparently merely sees her as a pocketbook to draw on for his excesses.  The letter should do the trick and teach him a lesson!

The is, of course, another side to the coin and "Devil" has been using the money to lay a trap for the people that were responsible for killing his mother, father and little sister when he was 17.

A truce is called after the first shock and anger of finding out Lizzie's deceit, and they get along famously for a short while.  Although inevitably Devlin goes back to his old ways.  Lady Stathmore does have a trump up her sleeve upon her death a few weeks later .... and Devlin finds his path to vengeance blocked by Lizzie's passionate and stubborn nature.

Will she also prove oh so tempting enough to bring him to heel and make her his bride?

A 4.5 ***** Star read all around, being so well written.  Lovely complex and multi-dimensional characters .... I highly recommend it.

It's a shame that I've missed out the stories in between of Jacinda and her Billy and Lord Damien Knight, but as always these tales can be read independently.  Although, I have just started on the story of their younger brother Alec Knight, Lizzie's lost love.

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