Monday, 3 January 2011

#65 ~ The Toll-Gate

The Toll-GateThe Toll-Gate by Georgette Heyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Always a delight to dip back into the world of Georgette Heyer. I cut my reading teeth on her fabulous work, and so was delighted to be handed an old copy by my Aunt the other day.

I seriously consider her novels "classic reading".

This one is delightful, and packed to the rafters with cant language .................. so entertaining, definitely worth a read.

Captain 'Crazy Jack' John Staple late of the Dragoon Gaurds, and seasoned campaigner in the Peninsula has returned home from Waterloo. Living in peacetime is rather dull for this giant of a man, and he gets himself into one or two adventures, so his friends are well used to him by now.

This time he finds himself lost on a terrible night, ending up at an unmanned toll-house in the Pennines. There is a small and terrified boy who needs his help, so he decides to stay for a lark and man the toll until the boy's father returns.

He also finds a woman along the way that steals his heart, which has never been given away before.

A 4 star read with loads of humour.

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Happy reading.



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