Friday, 7 January 2011

#68 (#5) - My Dangerous Duke ~ Gaelen Foley

My Dangerous Duke

ISBN: 978-0-7499-4279-3

Book 2 of Inferno Club

Rohan Kilburn, Duke of Warrington,has a formidable and rugged presence, lives in a brooding and reputedly haunted castle in Cornwall.  Added to that he bears the nickname "The Beast", and is a top assassin for the Order.  Any woman that has ever known him, and there have been legions of them, will also attest to another reason he is called "The Beast".  He is immune to love for all that.

After many years away serving the needs of the Order, he returns to Kilburn Castle to bring his errant tenants back into line.  To appease The Beast they give him a present of a beautiful young woman ..... to warm his bed.

Kate Maden is definitely no harlot, but an innocent victim of a kidnapping plot by the Prometheans.  She's shy and intelligent with a fiery temper and beguiling eyes.

They have to work together to solve the reason behind her kidnap, defeat the evil Promethean scum, find the Alchemist's Tomb and unravel the truth behind the curse of the Dukes of Warrington, all of which could destroy them both.

Before long attraction ignites and there is a rush against time to shatter the curse so that they can be together.

I didn't feel that this second book in the Inferno Club series quite met the delights of the first one, but it came very close nonetheless.  All in all a 4 **** Star read. I'm not certain Book 3 has even been written yet, but fingers crossed it will be Jordan's story.

Happy reading.


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