Friday, 7 January 2011

#69 (#6) - Slightly Married ~ Mary Balogh

Slightly Married (Get Connected Romances)

ISBN: 0-7499-3753-X

Colonel Lord Aidan Bedwyn's life was saved to years previously by a young officer, but Percy Morris has never intended to call in that particular debt.

However, having taken a dreadful hit during another battle, Aidan found him just before he lost his fight to survive.  Percy called in the debt, and asked him to take the news to his sister personally, that she should not mourn him, or wear black .... and more importantly he made Colonel Lord Aidan promise to protect her no matter what, he was quite definite about that ..... NO MATTER WHAT.

Therefore a few months later when  Aidan returned home to England's green and pleasant lands on leave he travelled first to Ringwood Manor to carry out Percy's last wish.

Once there he finds that Eve Morris wants not part of his protection.  Eventually he comes to realise that Percy's no matter what meant, when he discovers that she will be left destitute - along with all the various lame ducks by way of children, ex convicts, village idiots and injured ex-solders she has given homes to.

Aidan offers her a straightforward business arrangement - a marriage of convenience .... she will have the protection of his name, and he will go back to his duties as an cavalry commander.  They have, however, failed to recognise that there is an ever growing, and unwilling attraction between them.

Will they ever be more than just slightly married in this poignant tale of two socially diverse people.

It was nice to see that Eve made a tiny chip in the ice exterior of Wulfric, Duke of Bewcastle along they way. A 3.5**** star read, but read it you must to piece together the whole of the mighty Bedwyn dynasty.

Happy reading.

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