Thursday, 30 December 2010

#62 - Much Ado About You ~ Eloisa James

My 62nd book this year, and realistically the last for 2010 was a new author to me, and what a way to see the year out.

Much Ado About You (Essex Sisters, book 1)

ISBN:  0-00-722948-8

Right off the bat can I just say ................ WHAT A DOOZIE .............. a 5+ Star Read.  I enjoyed every second of it.  Like an up to date Georgette Heyer on speed.  It felt just like reading a story I would be involved in with my best girly girls.

Packed through from start to finish with the most fabulous humour and insight.

Run at a startling speed to the nearest purveyor of fine literature and pick this baby up.

Book 1 in the Essex Sister Series, the story of Tess Essex, eldest of four sisters suddenly faced with a shambolic and mostly drunken guardian (Rafe, Duke of Holbrook) following the death of their beloved, but horse mad Father.

The story kicks off with said Duke displaying to his friends four sets of rocking horses, dolls and other paraphernalia associated with young wards, only to find said wards being ushered into the Nursery .... ranging from 20 odd downwards and beautiful beyond belief.  What can he do with them ........ find a chaperone p.d.q for a start.  Then arrange to marry the oldest one off to one of his friends.

Just when it all looks to be turning out for the best, Tess;s finance gets cold feet and hies off, and she is left with the other friend, one of London's most notorious rakes.

To top it all off, one of the other sisters, Imogen, elopes with a reckless and horse mad young lord, just like their Papa.

I am tracking down the next in the series tomorrow, Kiss me Annabel.

Happy reading.


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