Tuesday, 21 December 2010

#57 - One Night for Love ~ Mary Balogh

One Night for Love

A lovely poignant and romantic tale of Neville, Earl of Killworth and Lily.

Neville is waiting in the Church as his bride is about to come down the aisle, a small beggar woman Lily Doyle pushes past to stop the wedding .......... Neville, she tells everyone is her Husband.  He confirms the story that they were married on a battlefield in Portugal, and he thought that she had been killed in an ambush the next day.

The bride waiting was Lauren Edgeworth (I reviewed the book a little while ago of her story "A Night to Remember").

Lily, it also eventually turns out is a Daughter of a Duke .... Sargent Doyle (the man she thought of has her Papa) was the husband of her old nurse, in whose keeping she had been place as a babe in arms.

A 4 **** Star read.

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