Monday, 6 December 2010

#46 - The Reckless Bride ~ Stephanie Laurens

The Reckless Bride (The Black Cobra Quartet)

ISBN:  978-0-349-40005-1

I am behind because of the horrendous weather here in our bit of the Kentish Countryside, so this is a scant review.  Probably in truth just a record of the fact that I read it, and gave it a star rating.

The fourth, and final book in the Black Cobra Quartet.  The story of Rafe (Reckless) Carstairs and Loretta Michelmarsh.

Very slow to get going at all this book, and only improved for the last third.  On that basis I am afraid that I could only merit a 2.5 *** star rating.  I feel bad about it, as it is no secret that Stephanie Laurens is a favourite of mine....but you have to tell it the way it is!

Happy reading.

Kay xoxox

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