Wednesday, 8 December 2010

#48 - One Little Sin ~ Liz Carlyle

One Little Sin

ISBN: 0-7499-0761-4

This is the story of Merrick MacLachlan's elder brother, Sir Alasdair MacLachlan and Esmee Hamilton.

Upon her Mother's death Esmee is thrown out of her Step-Father's house along with her Sister, Sorcha.  Sorcha is the product of a love affair that her Mother apparently had with Alasdair MacLachlan, who is a notorious rake and scoundrel.

Esmee journeys to London to track down the hapless Earl and insist that he stands up to his actions, and takes on Sorcha.  Without any idea how to deal with children, he persuades Esmee to stay as well - despite the consequences on her reputation - to act as Sorcha's Governess.

The only family apart from Sorcha Esmee has is her Aunt who is away on an overseas trip, and despite writing many times there is no way of knowing how long she will be away.

Eventually the Aunt returns, and Sir Alasdair is astounded to find out that it is the formidable Lady Tatton.

Lady Tatton is horrified and scandalised that Esmee has been under the roof of an un-married man - especially one with the reputation that Alasdair has gained - and whisks off Eseme determined to hush up an scandal and find the girl a husband.

Fate however decides that Esmee and Alasdair should be together.

A fabulously enjoyalbe and spellbind story, which I had great difficulty to put down.

5 ***** Stars from me.

Happy reading.

Kay xoxoxo

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