Monday, 25 October 2010

#19 - Beyond Seduction ~ Stephanie Laurens


ISBN:  978-0-7499-4048-5

Another in the Bastion Club series.  The story of Gervase Tregarth (6th Earl of Crowhurst) and Madelaine Gasgoine, independent and respected by all the local gentry and guardian of her brother's estate until he reaches his majority.

Continually brought back from London and disrupting his search for the Countess he requires, Gervase promises his sisters that he will agree to look at any local ladies, and decides that Madelaine has all the relevant attributes, and that he must get to know her better to decide if they might be compatible.

Quickly he discovers that they are in fact very compatible - and sets out to persuade Madeline of the fact.

A healthy does of smuggling, wrecking and two attempts to save her brothers and catch Dalziel's remaining traitor later, love wins out.

4.5 Star ****

Happy reading.



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