Sunday, 17 October 2010

#15 - Devil's Bride ~ Stephanie Laurens

ISBN: 0-7499-3716-5

I simply couldn't put this one down, and read it in one day - Stephanie Laurens at her most sparkling.  I am now completely in love with Devil Cynster .... perhaps not quite so much as Tony Blake, but definitely a close second.

This is another in the Cynster series, the story of Devil (Sylvester) 6th Duke of St Ives and Honoria Prudence Anstuthers-Wetherby.

Having just taken up another post as a finishing governess, aristotricatic and independently wealthy Honoria is trying to search out the elusive name of the Duke that her charge is apparently set to marry.  Everyone merely refers to him as "the Duke", but the Duke of where?

On her first day off to visits the Church (pretending to discuss the church roof) to further her investigation, and gets caught in a storm on the way back to her employers, and takes a short cut to get back in time.  Unfortunately, heading down the track as the weather worsens she comes acrosss the body of a young man, who has been shot, but is still cling to life.  With nobody else around she attempts to help him, and her horse bolts leaving her fully alone.  Enter a sataic figure riding a black devil horse to her aid.  He recognises the lad, and between them they get him to shelter in a woodman's cottage.

The storm rages on and they spend the night together, unfortunately poor Tolly doesn't make it through the night.   Next morning two separate search parties descend on them, one from Somersham Place and one from Honoria's employer ....they each converge on the cottage.  Obviously her employers are scandalised and dismiss her on the spot, the Duke comes to the rescue and advises all present that they are fortunate to meet his intended Duchess - nobody is more astounded the Honaria at this point.

Honoria from then comes under his protection, with even her Brother colluded with him to keep her under his roof.  The search for Tolly's murders commences, and the reason behind it.

Cynster men have a habit of making their ladies see the error of their ways, with a peppering of hot and steamy passion,and eventually Honoria agrees to marry her Duke, and then he has several attempts on his life.  Honoria then also comes/and puts her self into danager.

All ends happilly in the end .... and the Church even gets a new roof.  A 5 STAR ***** rating.

I am going to read a Julia Quinn novel next, as I can't really do yet another Stephanie Laurens review for Love Romance Passion can I?  Not yet anyway.

Happy reading.


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