Tuesday, 19 October 2010

#16 - Minx ~ Julia Quinn

ISBN:  978-0-7499-3914-4

Contrary to the belief of my mate, I positively do not spend all day reading, well not all day every day!

But I did manage to read this yesterday ... in my defence purely because it was only 391 of quite large print, and I am after all an inordinately quick reader, especially if I an engaged with the characters.

The story of William Dunford, referred to by all who know him as simply Dunford, who has newly inherited the title of Lord Stannage, and Miss Henrietta Barrett, who it turns out is his Ward.

A totally beguilling story of the hoydenish Henry, who had been running the estate that Dunford inherits without much trouble, since she was 14. She wore breeches, rode astride and was used to running the show.

I have to admit to a raised heart beat and rapid breathing towards the end, as I raced through the pages to a very happy conclusion to this read.

3.5 ****

Happy reading.


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