Monday, 4 October 2010

#10 - Mastered by Love ~ Stephanie Laurens

ISBN:  978-0-7499-4013-3

The darkly mysterious Royce Varisey, 10th Duke of Wolverstone, and leader of the Bastion Club members, returns to his home on the death of his father (after serving his country for decades) and literally runs into Minerva Chesterton at the top of the stairs of his ancestral home.

She's outwardly serene, aloof and determinedly wilful but with a smouldering sensuality beneath ...... and he's everything you'd expect from an autocratic marcher lord - from that fateful moment she invades his waking thoughts and dreams, and eventaully teaches him to love.

Smut as usual, always fully expected with Ms Laurens ... I especially love the battlement sex scene .... worst nightmare getting caught in the act!

Another splendid read 10+/10.

Happy reading.



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