Tuesday, 6 May 2014

#444 ~ The Island: Fallen Earth Part 3

The Island: Part ThreeThe Island: Part Three by Michael Stark

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book 3 of  Fallen Earth Series

Book 3 of the serialisation picks up a bit.

I'm loath to give too much in the way of a spoilers but, the fever continues on it destructive path and they try to survive on the island.

With the arrival of a stranger and something evil the whole plot picked up a bit.

The missing 'C' formatting continued in this book. There was also an increase the in the Errors/Bug Bears. I'm not sure if this might be because the author was concentrating on picking up the pace , or if it had a different editing team?

Product Details

It's still available as a free Kindle Download HERE at the time of writing this post.

96 pages
Fiction, Contemporary, Science Fiction, Magic & Myth
Indie Writer (Self-published)

Errors/Bug Bears

In which the mystery of the missing 'C' continues, and gotten makes an appearance.

My other main bone of contention was the fact that the Author couldn't decide how he wished to spell one woman's name - Marce or Marcy?  I do like consistency from an author.

Other than that:

Loc 121:  Ebola needed new a victim - a new.

Loc 865: ... willing to supply them if we come get them - come and get (coordinating conjunctions make me happy).

Loc 1133:  ... while I go grab a few things - go and grab (coordinating conjunctions make me happy).

Happy reading.



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