Monday, 5 May 2014

#442 ~ October 3rd

October 3rdOctober 3rd by Armelle Cloche

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another DSOA pick on my Blog, from about a year ago.

Lovely, lovely, cover art, and in point of fact not a bad plot line either, with nothing major in the way of errors and bug bears. Although reading it as a screen play takes a bit of adjustment, however, I've added trying to write one on my bucket list now.

It's difficult to much about the plot, otherwise there would be major spoilers, but I can certainly imagine how this would work as a film with say, Morgan Freeman, playing GOD (he's done it before, and was really very good at it!).

Product Details

At the time I feature it, the Kindle download was free.  It is now available for 77p HERE.

168 pages
Indie Writers (Self-published)
Screenplay with Fiction, Science Fiction, Contemporary genre label

Errors/Bug Bears

Loc 1442: They collapse on the dock soaking wet and exhausted - this is extraneous, as it was mentioned a few lines about in the directions for the scene.

Happy reading.



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