Wednesday, 23 October 2013

#391 ~ I'll See You in Your Dreams

I'll See You In Your DreamsI'll See You In Your Dreams by Tony Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A little different and quirky, reading this Novel seemed to fly past, which obviously meant that managed to engage me. In fact, I've just popped back to check how many pages, so that I wasn't getting confused and befuddled by thinking it was a Novella. No, 300 pages, so my comments about engagement stand.

Not normally a fan of plot leaps from past, present, etc., I didn't seem to mind it too much with this one - I fit nicely within the plot.

Without a doubt I would read more by Tony Miller, and would award this retro-Quantum Leap'esque interesting read 4 stars.

Product Details:

This was one of my DSOA's in March 2013, and it therefore goes without saying that it was a free Kindle download at the time.

At the time of writing this post though it's available HERE listed at £3.18 for Kindle version and £6.83 the Paperback.

Published by:   Indie Writer (Self Published) his GoodReads Fan page is HERE
Genre:            Fantasy > Time Travel > Paranormal > Suspense
Reading Age:   YA to Adult with no sexual content as such

Errors/Bug Bears:

A nice surprise to find very few errors in this one - Kudos to Mr Miller for delivering a quality product.

Loc 1279:  Now keep your eyes close until I say to open them ...

Correct to:  Now keep your eyes closed until I say to open them ...

Loc 3113:  I'm in need of two thorough background checks on a couple foreigners in Fresno.

More a Bug Bear for me, although it's colloquial dialogue, the use of couple rather than couples grates.

Happy reading.



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