Friday, 11 October 2013

#385 ~ The Sweetest Revenge

The Sweetest RevengeThe Sweetest Revenge by Dawn Halliday

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For me it was just an okay'ish read .... not mind blowing. Which is a shame really as the description held just a bit more promise than the actual delivery.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate it .... and I'll just have to put it down as the fact that the undefinable je ne sais quoi was missing for me.

As always, I would encourage you to read it (obviously if you are into historical fiction, if you're a horror fan or something other, then just ignore that remark).

There were a few errors picked up, but not many, which I will detail below in the Errors/Bug bears section, but that wasn't the reason it got just 3 stars from me. 

If you could bottle the catalyst that turns it from okay to great sometimes for a particular reader, you'd be onto a fortune from willing writers'.

Product Details:

This was one of my DSOA picks back in March this year when it was available as a free Kindle download.  At the time of writing this Review though it is available for 77p HERE.

Errors/Bug Bears:

Loc 48:  Not that he had ever spent much time at the seat of his earldom.

I believe that it should be a leading capital letter, so correct to: Earldom.

Loc 1467:  I must go prepare.

Typical American grammar, and by now you will probably have guessed that I hate to see it in an historical context, so it should be corrected to:  

I must go and prepare.

Loc 1645:  She turned on her heel and leave.

Correct to:

She turned on her heel and left.

Loc 1804:  His second day, he'd gone grouse hunting with the other men and hadn't seen her until dinner.

This is a bug bear, and American authors' please take note.  Grouse are found on Heather Moorland, there is no Heather Moorland in Peterborough, so it should be just shooting.

Loc 4152:  He managed to tell Jenkins to have the ladies wait in the drawing room.

Uck, such a badly written sentence.  Try changing it to something along the lines of:

He managed to tell Jenkins to request that the ladies wait in the Drawing Room.

Happy reading.



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