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#349 - Heaven Made ~ Saralynn Hoyt

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Heaven Made: Ghost meets Downton Abbey - London, 1905

Desperate and penniless, Sabrina Tremaine must flee her grand home with her daughter before her brother-in-law mistreats them both. Little Alice believes her papa’s ghost is helping the two find a new home. Ford Northcliffe is an absent minded scientist only concerned with his experiments. His house in chaos since his mother’s death, he desperately needs a fine lady to run things. The employment agency that brought them together is in cahoots with a local psychic, Madame Lou. The medium is under strict instructions from the spirit world to make a match of these two regardless of the obstacles they face, including a deathbed vow and murder most foul. With the help of the mystical matchmaker, the two have fallen into the trap of a forbidden passion and a consuming love that neither can deny. But there are insurmountable obstacles in the way of their happiness and it will be up to the spirits of the dead to guide their destiny.

Product Details:

I picked this up as a freebie Kindle download in early March, and have only just around to reading it.

Currently it's listed at £1.97 and you can find it HERE.  Is it worth that?   .... see the Summary below.

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I picked this up as a freebie download, written by Sheryl Hoyt as Saralynn Hoyt, but the big question is "was it worth it?".  Yes, it was ....... delightful, absolutely delightful and big 5+ star rating from me.

Such a refreshing change to see the historical romance written from this perspective.  The nearest I've got to this was a contemporary one earlier this year (Second Sight Dating).

The description promised "ghosts meet Downton Abbey" and that was pretty much what we got.

Not laugh out loud stuff, but tiny smatterings of humorous writing here and there that made it a wonderful read.  I can't wait to see if there are more books, and I'm pretty sure this should be a series of psychic love stories.



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