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#346 - Secrets of Midnight

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Publisher:  Walker Publishing

Regency Men on Their Dreams Series:  Book 1


Banished to the English countryside in order to run the family mines and settle down with a sensible wife, playboy Lord Donovan Trent is amazed when Corisande Easton arrives to confront him about mistreating his workers.

Product Details:

I snapped this one up as a free Kindle download back in February 2013, at the time of writing this post it is still available for free HERE.

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Corrie was a fabulous and feisty virago of a Heroine, well written and giving the Mine Captain and the Duke's agent hell.  Capable also of superb organisation being a stand in Mother for her siblings and running a smuggling ring.  If I could be anyone Heroine it would be her.

Donnovan on the other hand was not quite the Alpha Male Hero, he seemed a bit on the wishy washy side for me.  He wasn't quite believable enough, and I am pretty sure that his name (just in my own humble opinion) didn't help - more that of an Irish Villager than the Son of a Duke.

Apart from that the plot moved along at a nice pace, and I loved the little jeopardy twist towards the end.  I particularly enjoyed the agent's near brush with death at the hands of Corrie and her pitchfork.


Miriam Minger is definitely on my to read list for the future with this 4 Star read.  I'm looking forward to finding out how Corrie's friend, Lindsey, gets on finding her own dark and dangerous mate.

Notes on errors:

Surprisingly few that I noticed.

62% "Rose Red Seat" - shouldn't that be seal?

92% "V6ronique" rather than Veronique.

Considering the quality of some ebooks, that's an astounding high quality product that has been produce.  Kudos to Ms Minger.



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