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#345 - Dreamer of Destiny ~ Barbara Woster *NEW AUTHOR

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An epic journey, which will test a young woman's will to survive and lead her into the arms of destiny.

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I managed to pick this up as a freebie Kindle download in February 2013, however it is currently listed at £6.63 or free to Kindle Prime Members (even at £6.63 it's worth buying) HERE.

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I was really pleasantly surprised with this one.  It was a freebie Kindle download from way back in February 2013 (see my blog: for details of personal challenge to find and read as many free downloads as possible in 2013).

I don't think under normal circumstances I would have gone near this kind of book ..... just shows though that trying something new does quite often pay off.

It was really very well written.  There were the odd few typographical and grammatical errors (mostly the norm with ebooks, but I still continue to bang on about it).

The plot moved at a nice pace, with believable characterisation, with lots of little sprinkles of humour.

In fact I loved Christina, and the whole internal dialogue she had going on.  That girl was definitely one tough cookie.  

It did leave me wanting more, and this author is now on my list of "good story tellers".

Highly recommended, and probably a 4 star read on Amazon/Good Reads (not quite there for 5), and 4.5 on the blog.

Be brave and give it a go.

Notes of errors:

81% "drug her" - dragged her surely?
86% "despite my uncle" - despise?
90% "Howling Wolf" - shouldn't that be Baying Wolf?
91% "I can't really what it was ..." - missed word: say perhaps?
99% "old and infirmed" - infirm?



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