Thursday, 27 December 2012

#262 (#61 of 2012) - To Love a Scoundrel (Law & Disorder Series) ~ Sharon Ihle *NEW AUTHOR

Purchased on Kindle  - 311 pages - of absolute rot I should imagine - I only made it through the first two pages before I put it in the rubbish read section.  I gave it a 1 star rating on twitter, but thinking about it don't even think it rated that highly - minus rating all the way.  What galls me is that I actually got the book named muddled up with something else and gave that a poor rating, before I realised what I'd done.

Usually I don't condemn a book just off the bat like that, and try to give them at least a chapter of two before making up my mind ... impossible to do with this.

My main objection was that it was supposed to be historical with the start of Chapter 1 marked as "Spring 1876" then it goes on "Her favourite college professor once said ...." really that did it ......... 1896, a female and attended a college and apparently a private investigator .... I know it's based in America, but believable love if you are going to write in a time period, even given a certain amount of poetic/literary licence.  I am truly surprised that this kind of rubbish (this is book 4 for goodness sake).  The author is a best-seller?  .... there is no accounting for taste apparently.

Fortunately I had picked up my Kindle copy free - I would be so angry if I'd wasted money on it and decided I would award a very generous -1 star (minus) rating and place it on the rubbish read list I would be pleased to find out others views on this.

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