Monday, 9 January 2012

#204 (#2 of 2012) - A Christmas Promise ~ Mary Balogh

ISBN or e-book:



Thorpe / Ulverscroft Large Print

Main Characters:

Eleanor Transome and Randolph, Earl of Falloden.

Brief outline of Plot:

Mr Transome is a wealthy coal merchant, and he has a beautiful daughter.  He unfortunately has cancer and has come up with a plan to protect his darling girl.  Every last one of the Earl of Falloden's debts have been bought by him.

Randlop, Lord Falloden is a hair's breadth from becoming bankrupt and therefore decides to take up Mr Transome's offer of marrying his daugher and making her his countess in return for half of the coal merchant's vast fortune.  He will have to make sure that Eleanor is truly his wife by consumating the marriage and living under the same roof for a full year, and he gives his word as a gentleman that he will do exactly that.  Although, he plans to leave her to her own devices in the country after that year, hopefully with an heir on the way.

Thus the match is made, Mr Transome goes to his maker and the bargin is being undertaken.  What is not part of the bargain is that the arrogant Earl and proud defiant girl will fall in love.

Rating and conclusion:

Mary Balogh is always a good read, and this was no exception .... leaving me in tears at the end .... a 5+ Star rating.  Definitely read it.



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