Tuesday, 24 January 2012

#210 (#8 of 2012) The Ideal Bride ~ Stephanie Laurens

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Main Characters:

Michael Anstruther-Weatherby and Caroline Sutcliffe

Brief outline of plot and rating:

Michael is a rising member of Parliament and needs a wife to be granted a place in the Cabinet.  He has his eye on the young daughter of the former Member of his Seat.

Unfortunately, when he returns to meet the young lady and ask for her hand, he comes into contact with her aunt Caroline (a former childhood friend).

Although what he doesn't know is that Caroline has been summoned by Elizabeth to help her put off Michael as she's already in love with a young man.

Caroline herself is a political hostess of note, but following her marriage to a man many years older than herself when she was 17 she is determined to enjoy her widowhood.

Will Michael realise that Elizabeth is not the girl for him?  More to the point if he does, will he persuade Caroline that he's the man for her?

Another enjoyable book, which scores 3.5 stars ..... incidentally, it took a bit of working out what the connection with Breckenridge was, as I'd missed this book originally!!

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