Wednesday, 1 June 2016

#490 - In the Light of What We See

In the Light of What We SeeIn the Light of What We See by Sarah Painter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found it to be fairly slowed paced, but please don't take that as a criticism - sometimes a meander is just as satisfying as a fast-paced adventure.

Without giving any spoilers, it's a two stranded book with a contemporary and historical (pre-WWII) flip between chapters and there is a paranormal element to add a little texture.

I like the cut of this author's jib - whilst this was a good read - it was a little safe. I am fairly confident that she could really turn up the gas to produce something truly outstanding.

As I am a Kindle Unlimited Member on Amazon I got this free, you can get hold a copy HERE.


Page 67 - 'Okay.  Now I knew I would have to get better, so that I could kick him in the nuts.' 

Bug Bear/Error:

A really goo quality production for this, with just one error I spotted at Page 171 'aggrieved tone he often used.' - I think it should have been 'she'.



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