Friday, 26 August 2011

Not bad going - REVISED

I've got one more book on my desk that I need to add, plus another from my Kindle that I finished an age ago and not found the time to write it down.

By my reckoning that should be 154 *EDIT THAT TO 155  158* since I started keeping track last September ... not bad going at all.  I might even be able to squeeze in another read, but am running low on suitable material.  I've just started the Wax Fruits trilogy .... but only a few pages in it's very hard going, so it is debatable if I will stay the course of that one.

I'm pretty sure I have a fair few others to read on my Kindle, and I know my mother has some on hers I've haven't read as well - we inter-change them to read what the other has which is most convenient I think you will find.


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