Friday, 26 August 2011

#151 ~ The Unknown Ajax

The Unknown AjaxThe Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm not certain exactly how many times I have read this book before, but certainly 3 or 4 at a conservative estimate ... still a 4 star read though.

Miles Darracott is summoned to the home of his paternal grandfather, Lord Darracott, as due to an tragic accident he is now the heir. He's never met his family as the marriage of his parents was not acknowledged .... in fact Lord Darracott refers to his grandson as that weaver's brat. It seems that the rest of the family were unaware of the existence of Mile, so the whole meeting is going to prove to be dreadful.

The irascible and short-tempered Lord has not made matters any better with the family as he gives the impression that the "weaver's brat" is an uneducated clod who will bring disgrace to the name. He therefore requires his other grandsons to bring him up to snuff, and his grand-daughter Anthea to marry him to keep it in the family.

The unknown offspring arrives, and indeed is is as bad as they feared, Major Miles Darracott has a strong northern accent, and no idea how to go on. Anthea makes it clear from the start she has no intention of marrying him, and everybody else leaves him in no doubt that he hasn't the wit nor breeding to live up to the Darracott name and is most unwelcome.

Throw in a bit of smuggling and you've got the perfect tale .... oh and Miles ... proves them wrong on all levels and gets a full 4 stars.

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Happy reading.



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