Monday, 22 August 2011

#150 ~ Promises Lost

Promises LostPromises Lost by Audrey Howard

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A 3 Star score for this one, would have been a 3.5 score if it hadn't ended so abruptly - it seems quite a few of Ms Howard's books end that way ... almost as if she can't be bothered to finish them off properly, or she is told to cut them down a bit and goes for the red slash right at the end!

I'm hardly getting anytime to read, and thus even less time to review, so just to remind me this is the story of Sara Hamilton, youngest daughter of a country doctor (he is a gentleman, but has very little money) and Jack Andrews a navy who rescues Sara and her sister Alice from a gang of rough railway workers on the randy.

He gets beaten near to death for his pains, and Sara and her father nurse him back to health. Having fallen love with her he sets off once recovered determined to make something of his life and prove to the Doctor that he is worthy of Sara.

Meanwhile the Doctor dies and leaves his daughters penniless and homeless, and Alice is driven by the need to get her sister away from, as she sees it the lowering influence of Jack. She decides the girls shall go to Liverpool so that he will never be able to find them.

Will the girls find a home, and work, will Jack ever find Sara or will she settle for another man?

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