Monday, 18 July 2011

#141 ~ Reflections From The Past

Reflections from the PastReflections from the Past by Audrey Howard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Abby Murphy and Roddy Baxter had always known they were in love, but this love was tested, ultimately to be torn apart over the coming years.

Returning from an illicit skating adventure an accident on that day, was to catalyst to the splintering of their young dreams.

The death of Richard Goodwin, forces his tyrannical father to recognise his son's illegitimate daughter, and Abby is forced from her poverty-stricken family and forbidden to see her childhood sweetheart, and trained to be a lady.

Bradley Goodwin is determined to see his bloodline continue, and having got rid of Roddy Baxter arranges for her to wed her Cousin, Noah Goodwin without her really understanding what is going on.

She finds herself trapped in a marriage, merely a possession, but she is determined that she bearing a steadfast passion for her first love.

Is there any escape? Will she ever be with her love, or come to realise that she has to make the best of her life as it has turned out, and make a happy and contented marriage?

Obviously.... you know what I will say .... you will need to read it to find out the answers for yourself - a 4 Star read though, and I am sure you will like it too. As usual from this author, well written with more than its fair share of human misery and torment - just how I like them.

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Happy reading.


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