Thursday, 14 July 2011

#138 ~ Between Friends

Between Friends

Between Friends by Audrey Howard

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well worth a read and a 3 Star rating from me. Three friends - Martin Hunter, Tom Fraser and Megan Hughes prospects were vastly improved when they were taken from an orphanage at about 11 to work for the Cook, Mrs Whitley, of one of the emigrant Hotels in Liverpool owned by the Hemmingway Shipping line.

They blossomed, each to find their way eventually, but with the coming of the First World War their bright futures were brought to an abrupt end and threatened to separate them.

Over the years Meg had become more beautiful and alluring and both met fell in love with her. Having grown up with them, she loved them too, but in two very different ways.....she is also to bear the child on one of them. What will her choices be, and the decisions made and how will that effect them all?

Actually, now that I've read quite a few of these books I've noticed that the quite frequently the names of people like the Hemmingways, etc crop up across the them, but in a subtle round about way.

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