Monday, 11 July 2011

#137 ~ Lady of Quality

Lady Of QualityLady Of Quality by Georgette Heyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Old review for this book that I've had as a paperback for ages.

I've had this book of my book shelf since I was really very wet behind the ears, and it comes out every now and again for an airing - always delightful and easy to read - a 3.5 star read (or a 4 on Amazon or Good Reads).

In case you don't know vastly independent and spirited spinster, Miss Annis Wychwood (in her late 20's and almost considered an ape-leader now) sets up her own establishment, to which she is returning after a stay with her irritating brother when she comes across a gig with 2 very young persons stranded at the road side (Miss Carleton and Mr Elmore).

They have run away, or Miss Carleton has, Mr Elmore is merely assisting her - as she doesn't wish to be pushed into a marriage with him - presumably little thought has been given that they are actually facilitating a match by doing this!

Miss Wychwood takes up the young lady, leaving Mr Elmore to follow on later. Over the coming weeks Miss Carleton's Guardian ... the vastly ill-humoured and rude rake Oliver Carleton ........ becomes involved, as well as the delicate sensibilities of Miss Wychwood's companion and her brother.

What will be the outcome?

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Happy reading.



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