Sunday, 12 June 2011

#130 (#66) - Painted Highway ~ Audrey Howard

Painted Highway

ISBN: 0-340-82403-4

For a slight change this one is set around the waterways of the Pennines, but does still have a strong link to Liverpool ..... when I first started reading Audrey Howard this Liverpudlian link is not something that I felt comfortable with, but now I think I would miss it.

Ally and Betsy Pearce are two very different sisters.  Ally is hard-working and determined to get on in her working on their parents Narrowboat, whilst Besty is beautiful beyond measure, but lazy and calculating, her only desire is to marry a gentleman.

Their Father has a dreadful accident and is taken to Liverpool to be treated by Dr Tom Hartley, who is the eldest son of a wealthy shipping company owner.

Both girls are attracted to him, Besty because he could be her meal ticket away from the life of the boat people, and Ally because she actually genuinely fell in love with him at first sight.

Which one is Tom going to fall for though?

A 4 **** Star read this time around, with a much more satisfying ending than the last one.

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