Sunday, 12 June 2011

#129 (#65) - On The Way to The Wedding ~ Julia Quinn

On the Way to the Wedding

ISBN:  0-7499-3690-8

Gregory Bridgerton, youngest of the Bridgerton Siblings, has never been in doubt that he would find love and marry .... for surely that's what all of the others had done, and he wasn't going to fight it!  However, right up to the night he arrives at his Brother's Houseparty he just hadn't found the one.

Having endured a lecture from Anthony about taking life more responsibly and settling down he walked out and wham .... it hit him .... he feel in love with the back of a particular girls neck ..... fortunately the front of Miss Hermonie Watson was startlingly beautiful too.  He also met her friend, you know, the friend that every beautiful girl has ....the not quite so lovely one, Lady Lucinda Abernathy.

Having been firm friends with Hermonie for so long, Lucy was used to gentleman falling immediately and utterly in love with her friend, but decides to help this poor love lorn fool to win the hand on Hermonine.

Hermonie though has already fallen in love with another, and simply does not notice, or care, that Gregory is in love with her - and on the other side of the coin poor Lucy has fallen for Gregory, even though she goes above and beyond to further his cause.

What a tangle .... will Gregory ever realise that Lucy is the girl for him, and just what happened on his way to the wedding?  A 3 *** Star read, which was a tiny bit slow for the first third but kicked up a gear from there to a really rather lovely ending.  I especially love the author's Epilogues!

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