Thursday, 9 June 2011

#128 (#64) - Annie's Girl ~ Audrey Howard

Annie's Girl

ISBN:  not known

This is perhaps not as good as some of the others that I have read, it just felt a bit wanting ..... and the end was akin to running along and then suddenly realising that there was a dead stop of you would fall right over the edge of a cliff .... and you could be really happy with the adventure as you were not sure what you'd missed!  I've also been wondering if perhaps this is a sequel book to Annie's parents story, if it wasn't it should have been - not sure why I say that but the glimpses of their history sounded intriguing.  Oh dear, another 3 *** Star read in a row I'm afraid.

Beautiful, young and a hoyden, Briar Macauley falls in love immediately with young gentleman, Hal Saunders.  He's obviously slightly above her class, but fortunately as madly in love with her as well.  A happy marriage ensues with a lovely Toddler and another on the way, and wham she loses both her darling love and little boy.

Completely out of her mind with grief Briar runs away to Liverpool and is taken in by a kindly woman and her family, and she starts to build her life anew.

On the other side of the coin is Will Lucas, who is the son of the best friend of Briar's Mother.  A simple farmer, but he had proved that he could stand up to Briar and win.  He only realises that he's in love with her when she marries Hal, and has to watch her build her happy life and the tragedy that unfolds.

His whole world comes crashing down when she disappears and he makes it his business to find her ... will Briar realise that she can love again?

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