Friday, 8 July 2016

#499 ~ My Highland Lord

My Highland Lord (Highland Lords)

My Highland Lord by Tarah Scott

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Book three in the 'Gentlemen Always Play Fair' Box Set Compilation.

Peppered with errors, showing fairly low production values.

Quite frankly boring, and at points in danger of getting 'DNF'. Rather than better the books in the set seem to be getting worse. So far I can find no merit, and I really wish I could. Still, literature is subjective and it is impossible to please everybody, sometimes that undefinable spark is missing.

Rating for this book 2 stars, and as mentioned in previous posts, I will given an overall rating for the whole box set.

Third book in the 'Gentleman Always Play Fair Box Set (from location 10575 to 16316)

Location 10835: '... his waistband at it his back...'

Location 11171: '...she could taste the saddle soap he had washed with that morning'.  Saddle soap is something for cleaning tack, not for a Gentleman to wash with.

Location 11306:  '... this was just the sort of information she was obliged to investigation.'

Location 15023: 'She jammed her forced between her breasts pressed and his chest.' ?

Location 15467:  'Her dear husband was holded up in a brothel.' - huh?

Location 15570:  'A soft moan emanate from her throat.' - emanated.

Location 16043: '... maximum amount damage.' - amount of.

Location 16083: '...where she and Kiernan were staying were staying she'd ...'

As mentioned before, for this box set I will rate each book and then give an overall rating for the whole set.

Happy reading.


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