Monday, 4 July 2016

#495 ~ Runaway Summer

Runaway Summer (Polwenna Bay, #1)

Runaway Summer by Ruth Saberton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

#Book 1 in the Series

When I mention something is a 'slow burner' that is not necessarily a derogatory term as far as I am concerned, and this book proved to be a slow burner of the decent type classification.

No surprises, to going the phrase of a well known advert, 'it does what it says on the tin', and I would class as a no-strings attached holiday or wet Sunday afternoon read that is pleasant and unassuming. I enjoyed, and will read the other books in the series, because I am a nosy cow, not because it was some huge piece of writing with major plot twists woven through it.

The production values seemed very high indeed, and I found no mistakes - trust me when I say I look quite hard for them!

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Amazon Kindle Unlimited purchase for me, but it's available HERE.  At the time of writing this post the Kindle price is £2.99, having been reduced from £9.99 (that's quite steep).




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