Friday, 27 December 2013

#406 ~ Midwyf: Liza

Midwyf: LizaMidwyf: Liza by Valerie Levy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(Book #1 in the Midwife Series)

On the plus side, this was a gruesome subject handled well, with a nice underlying story to it.  It appeared well researched and authoritative.

However, as a negative there were a whole host of oddly "hyphe-nated" words .... see, who annoying that is?  The hyphenation seemed to make little sense, being mid-line etc.,and I am wondering if this was some kind of formatting error - I will add a list of them in the Bug Bear/Errors section of the blog. From my own personal point of view I found it distracting, and therefore it lost a star, with an overall score of 3 stars.

I'm not sure that it grabbed me enough to invest in the whole series, but never say never.

Product Details:

This was one of my Daily Selection of Amazon picks back in April 2013, and as you can see from the date of this Review I am really behind on my To Read List.  You can get a copy HERE - Kindle file only listed a £2.62.

240 pages
Indie publisher
Historical Fiction genre
Adult - no overt sexual content

Errors/Bug Bears:

The bizarre hyphenation, that seemed to make no sense, below is a list of examples:

Page 12 - disap-peared
Page 20 - Occasion-ally
Page 26 - embroid-ery and noble-man
Page 28 - experien-ced
Page 39 - suffer-ing
Page 56 - glist-ened
Page 59 - enq-uired
Page 61 - dist-urbing
Page 102 - conseq-uences
Page 116 - con-sidered
Page 142 - accom-plish and com-manded
Page 159 - ab-domen
Page 176 - hap-pening
Page 177 - sup-pressed

As they were quite often at the beginning or mid-sentence, I could so no point to them, and can only assume that it's a formatting errors - it needs resolving in any event, as it lost this book 1 star from the rating.

Happy reading.



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